Premium Transparent Sanitary Mask

The transparent plastic cover protects customers and goods against saliva and dust. Two air vents at the bottom of the mask allow easy air flow for breathing.

Various Customer Care Service Protection
While Conversation with Your Smile
Good for schools, catering, food producers, department stores (supermarket, food court), franchises, restaurants, services, fast food stores, bakery shops, hospitals, drug stores, etc.

Benefits of Masclean

Made in KOREA

Anti-Fog + Anti-Bacterial Coated Transparent Cover
It helps clean and safe conversation manner.

Medical Grade Sponge & Soft and Elastic Band
It reduces any mark and pain on the chin and soft & elastic band provides comfortable wearing.

Smart & Ergonomic Design
Unlike nonwoven or cotton mask as disposable, you can use Well-mask for long term, which is economical and eco-friendly. Also you can see whole face and smile through the transparent film.

Sanitary Etiquette
Beautiful smile through the transparent mask

Marketing Effect of Customer Care
It increases brand reputation and guarantees the sanitary

Safety Proof Materials

Comfortable All Day Long

Affordable Price

Why Masclean?

1. Anti-Fog + Anti-Bacterial Coating
2. Easy Wash
3. Long Last (Interchangeable)

1. Easily Loose its Clearness
2. No Anti-Fog Costing
3. Less Durability

Saliva from sneeze can fly 6~8 feet
It is critical that we should take care of clean and sanitary issue to protect ourselves from lots of diseases and virus through breathe. Restaurants, supermarkets, food courts, catering, hospitals should be more careful for sanitary matter because they serve foods and products to mass customers.

Saliva fly protection function
Well-mask minimize any contagion while conversation caused by saliva from sneeze. Etiquette mask for your valued customers gives the safety mind for cleaness and sanitary, and shows how much your business cares for them.

What Makes Masclean Different?

The main differences from Chinese products are the safety of the material being used and the anti-fog and anti-bacterial functions. All materials and production are made in Korea and plastics are used from raw materials from LG Chemical. All materials use better materials than those made in China, and the most significant difference in price is due to the anti-bacterial and anti-fog functions of the cover. Even though Chinese products usually have anti-fog and anti-bacterial functions, there is a high possibility of detecting chemicals (surfactants) harmful to the human body. If there’s no such functions and the product only covers the mouth, the virus from saliva and breath from the user remains on the cover, and increases the possibility of virus multiplication. However, through a special solution and heat treatment in the manufacturing process, this product can be used for 6 months to 1 year safely because it is antibacterial to Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, which can cause food poisoning. And by cutting the cover edge round, it prevents from injury when it comes into contact with the face or body.(Chinese products are easy to get injured since cutting part is sharp).
Lastly, Smart S puts an adjustable gear on the earring to adjust the pressure on the ear more appropriately so that even if it is worn for a long time, it will feel less tired than other products. (Patent of Masclean)

Masclean Products

Simple Light S
Anti-Fog, Anti-Bacterial, Transparent Hygiene Mask
(Interchangeable Transparent Cover)

Well Mask
Anti-Fog, Anti-Bacterial, Transparent Hygiene Mask
(One Solid Piece)

Interchangeable Transparent Film

After remove the protect sticker and push the cover to the body frame until clicking
(Simple Light S model only)

Interchangeable Medical Grade Sponge

Provides comfortableness for a long period time of wearing

Scientifically Proved Antibacterial Effect

The lab test result shows 99.9% marvelous antibacterial activity against staphylococcus & Escherichia coli.

High functional anti-fog and anti-bacterial function. No need any other cleaning stuff but just wipe off with flowing tap water. (convenient cleaning method and high quality)

Staphylococcus Aureus Test
(General Badge / Anti-bacterial Badge)

Escherichia Coil Test
(General Badge / Anti-bacterial Badge)