Since 2006


Our laboratory develops Organic dermatological treatments for delicate skin with dermoprotective Gamarde-les-Bains Thermal Spring Water, the benefits of which were discovered more than 600 years ago and recognised by the Academy of Medecine since 1841.

A specialist in skin problems, our integrated research centre, directed by a pharmacist, develops adapted certified Organic dermocosmetics of natural origin* for all the family.

Our expertise allows us to avoid using artificial substances and thus offer perfectly self-preserved formulae.

All our cosmetic are designed and produced near Cahors in Lot (46), France.


Gamarde Thermal Spring WATER

Exceptional Dermatological Properties
Thanks to its high sulphur content, it is :
Protects the skin barrier
Soothes sensitive skin
Anti irritating
Limits redness

A Unique Composition
Its remarkable journey through the geological rocks of the Landes help to charge it in minerals and trace elements:

Natural Minerals (mg/l): Chlorides (585), Sodium (400), Hydrogen carbonates (286.6), Sulfates (101), Calcium (95.6), Magnesium (35.2), Potassium (13.6)
Trace elements (μg/l): Cadmium (3), Zinc (1)


  • With Proven Effectiveness
  • With Delicate Textures and Scents
  • With Pleasure of Use


  • 100% COSMEBIO Certified
  • Made in France
  • Vegan (80% of the brand’s products)
  • Packaging that can be recycled or recovered for energy and paper from sustainably managed forests


  • Gamarde Thermal Spring Water
  • 100% Natural Origin
  • 0% Synthetic Preservative

Our Formulation GUARANTEES


Cosmetics Certified Organic
and 100% of Natural Origin

that are organic and/or of natural origin such as:
– 1st cold-pressed vegetable oils, rich in active ingredients (essential fatty acids, vitamins, etc.)
– Texturing and hydrating agents of natural origin
– Mild emulsifiers of natural origin
– Pure Organic essential oils that are both preservative and active
– Vegetable Butters, plant extracts, floral waters
– Gamarde Thermal Spring Water

fragrances, colourings and artificial preservatives*, silicone, PEG, animal products = vegan**

recyclable and/or biodegradable and/or energy recoverable


from the petrochemical industry such as:
– Occlusive mineral oils, petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum.
– Silicone occlusive and not readily biodegradable
– PEG, PPG, emulsifiers
– Parabens, formaldehyde phénoxyéthanol, criticised preservatives

artificial fragrances and colourings often responsible for irritations and even actual allergies

non-recyclable and maybe even polluting



Recognized for its soothing and anti-irritant properties, Gamarde-les-Bains Thermal Spring Water offers delicate and sensitive skin comfort, well-being and softness. The skin is immediately hydrated and toned.

Added Extras
– Recognized by the Academy of Medicine since 1841
– Ideal before makeup or after sun exposure


Let cleansing be a moment of pure pleasure…
Discover our range of body and face cares made to cleanse your sensitive skin, which respects its balance, soothes and protects your epidermis.

Added Extras
– 100 % certified organic
– Soap, amonium lauryl sulfate free**
– Non-irritating formulas preserving the skin


Sensitive skin with an atopic tendency, soothe it…
The Laboratoires Dermatologiques Gamarde has developed a specific range for sensitive skin with an atopic tendency. Hypoallergenic formulas tested under dermatological control, free of fragrances and essential oils, for soothed, hydrated, nourished and less reactive skin.

Added Extras
– Only full Organic line for facial skin prone to atopic dermatitis
– Synthetic preservative-free, fragrance-free
– Hypoallergenic, proven effective


The solution for dehydrated skin !
Rehydrate your skin with Hyaluronic Acid of vegetable origin and Aloe Vera, both super-powerful active ingredients. Developed for all types of dehydrated delicate skin, this range offers softness and well-being for your skin every day.

Added Extras
– Hyaluronic acid of plant origin : retains moisture
– Synthetic preservative-free
– Up to 80% hydration 1H after application**


Stop puffiness and dark circles !
Laboratoires Gamarde have developed a range of products dedicated to the most sensitive eye contour areas. Plant active ingredients help reduce bags and dark circles. Thus eye contour area is hydrated and toned up.

Added Extras
– Complexe Perfecteur Regard is composed of Organic plant active ingredients
– Proven effective on bags and dark circles
– Synthetic preservative-free


Rejuvenating treatment for mature skins!
Specialized in skin ageing, the Près-?ge range is an instant and effective answer to restore a smooth, firmed and radiant face.

Added Extras
– Synthetic preservative-free
– Organic vitamin E, anti-ageing


For a restored beautiful and healthy skin.
Sebo-Control Care offer daily cleansing. Imperfections are targeted, the pores refined and your complexion is neat and matte.

Added Extras
– Bio astringent and purifying essential oils
– Synthetic preservative-free
– Proven-effective sebo regulating effect**


Tightness, itchiness, flaky skin… Say stop to dry skin thanks to the nourishing power of vegetable active ingredients such as Argan and Shea Butter.
Specific care for dry to ultra dry skins, the Nutrition Intense range of treatment nourishes the epidermis to regain daily and comfort.

Added Extras
– Synthetic preservative-free
– Up to 98% of Organic Argan oil**


To help light up your complexion.
Coming from the Gamarde Research, GWE? complex (Gamarde Whitenning Effect) combines plant extracts such as organic bearberry and licorice with organic essential oils of parsley, carrot or celery.

Added Extras
– Synthetic preservative-free
– Complex of 100% natural active ingredients, derived from plants
– Proven effective on pigment spots**


Hide skin flaws and lighten up your complexion daily thanks to the Gamarde range of Corrective Care.

Added Extras
– Synthetic preservative-free
– 100% natural pigments

Secret de Beauté

Sublimize and illuminate your body.


Weight gain and its consequences: unwanted curves, cellulite, etc.
Wait no more, natural and effective solutions exist!
The Laboratoires Dermatologiques Gamarde have developed the Effislim range containing Effislim contains effective active ingredients such as Natural Caffeine, Coralline Algae, Papaya or Pine essential oil.

Added Extras
– Formulated with 5% of natural active caffeine
– Proven centimetric loss
– Proven-effective fat burning organic active ingredients


Subject to razor burn, ingrown hairs, the influence of hormones (dilated pores, blemishes), and external factors (wind, pollution, UV light), men’s skin requires specific treatments adapted to its sensitivity.
Gamarde Men Care brings comfort, nutrition and protection to men’s skin.

Added Extras
– 100% Organic certified
– Cocktail of Organic active ingredients with soothing and regenerating properties


Care for my baby…
Hypoallergenic*** cares, certified organic and 100% natural origin. Tested under dermatological control, these products perfectly respect the baby’s skin, for daily use.

Added Extras
– Sulfate free**
– Hypoallergenic***
– Synthetic preservative-free
– PEG-free, coloring-free


Radiant and protected, your skin glows!
Illuminate your beauty with a sun protection range 100% of natural origin made with mineral screens and free of preservatives. These products are enriched with antioxidant natural active ingredients that help you to preserve the youth capital of your skin. Invisible textures, easy to apply so that you can enjoy the sun and be protected.

Added Extras
– 100% mineral filters
– Synthetic preservative-free
– Transparent texture
– Easy to apply


Subject to modern life (hair colouring, hair dryer, perms…) and to outside aggression (pollution, UV…), hair is weakened and damaged. To protect it, Gamarde has developed a range of certified organic hair care. Be amazed by the natural treatments adapted to all hair types.

Added Extras
– A range for each type of hair
– Economy-sized products
– 100% Organic certified


Foot range, all specific treatments which Gamarde, on the strength of its know-how in dermocosmetics, has developed for your well-being.

Added Extras
– Active ingredients of 100% natural origin
– Wintergreen organic keratolitic essential oil
– Organic Lavandin essential oil
– Synthetic preservative-free