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BOTANICSENS is a scientific evidence-based dermocosmetic brand, established by Taesun Park (TSPARK LAB), a professor at Yonsei University. TSPARK Lab uncovers ectopic functions of olfactory receptors and efficacy of the fragrant compounds found in plants. The research team first discovered that the site of drug action for anti-obesity medication is in the olfactory receptors. One after the other, discoveries of the various functionalities of scent compounds in the improvement of elasticity, moisturizing, eczema and hair growth, and more happened through publication and patents. Based on the effectiveness of the fragrant ingredients from plants, the brand seeks to lead a new paradigm of skincare products.

Phytonutrients activating skin
to blossom its hidden potential.

?TSPARKLAB Since 1995

TSPARK LAB has studied various functions of fragrance ingredients such as anti-wrinkles, moisturizing, brightening, eczema relief, and hair loss treatment, starting with identifying olfactory receptors in fat cells a new drug target for obesity. The scent components found in plants are quickly absorbed into the skin and induce the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, the ingredients the skin needs. This is how the skin strengthens its own power to enhance its resilience.


For over 30 years, we have read countless studies on health and beauty, but they all had different definitions of them. My conclusion, after years of extensive research, is that it all comes down to resilience. It is the ability to return to the original form, or homeostasis. Resilience is an important factor in the maintenance and improvement of our everyday lives, in the workings of our minds and thoughts. However, it has been largely neglected in the study of the skin. BOTANICSENS is the result of our desire to apply this idea of resilience to skincare. We hope that our products can help keep people around the world healthier,” said Taesun Park, Professor of Food and Nutrition at Yonsei University & CEO of BOTANICSENS Inc.

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